Contemporary Art Gallery

2016, Royal College of Art

In a small courtyard between Victoria Coach Station and Belgravia in Westminster, London, The Giraffe Sheds are located. They consist of four yellow brick structures and they got their name from their enormous height of approximately 7 meters. Previously The Giraffe Sheds housed transformers as a part of an electricity substation. In collaboration with Grosvenor Estates, we were asked to design a contemporary art gallery.

The concept for the contemporary art gallery enhances symmetry. The symmetry is a part of the existing construction of The Giraffe Sheds, so the first explorations was to keep as much of the existing structure as possible. 

To create a spatial experience, I worked with open and closed spaces and inserted a box between the existing walls, connecting the two separate sheds. The box welcomes the visitor into an intimate space while it also leads the visitor either into the double height gallery or mezzanine.