2017, Royal College of Art

Spatial competition project for Framestore's atrium in their new HQ building.
The unique qualities that define Framestore and what they want this new space to embody can be written down in four words: interactive, playful, future and past, connected. Through this Phosphorescence was developed which is described as "Light emitted by a substance without combustion or perceptible heat".

Like the warm light of a fire, the light that emanates from the screen is something that people have gathered around for decades, like the hearth of a home. 
The atrium is the hearth of Framestore where people will come together and enjoy themselves, talk, brainstorm, and create a community. 
With 15 departments and services and 5 offices around the world, Framestore brings together people with a rich network of skills that produce playful, and awe inspiring work that brings people together around screens big and small. 

“Phosphorescence” is an installation that displays Framestores’ identity and humble and brave spirit.

“Phosphorescence” is an interpretation of the company’s identity. It is a way to capture and eternalize the company’s playful essence of a social, creative and contributing community. 

Employees from all offices will be able to contribute and share their important moments to the screens, a message of “happy birthday!” “happy hour in the basement” or “Hi from the New York Office!”

The screens will be dynamic, with the ability to rotate and also track movement so they can follow someone down the hallway, giving the effect that this installation is alive like one of the imaginative characters thought up by Framestore. They can be attached to the lift columns or attached to the elevators themselves moving up and down in the atrium.

Future / Past:
The televisions are designed as old televisions equipped with the newest technologies, also giving a nod to the squarcle. Framestore has created many new technologies, but done so by going back to the basics. Also acknowledging the amazing history of Framestore and how far it has come as a company, pushing the boundaries and development of film and television as we know it today.

From hearing you speak about the move to the new offices, it should to be a space where people come together. The lights of these screens will illuminate the atrium and bring people together through an interactive platform where employees around the globe can upload content through a mobile app and contribute to the screens. The basement will function as a space where people can come for a drink after work, a coffee, a brainstorm and get to know all the wonderful people that make up Framestore. 


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