SEA Sanctuary

2017, Royal College of Art


According to the London Air Quality Network, pollution levels are at their peak, marking a significant increase in respiratory-related illnesses. For centuries it’s been believed that seawater and sea air preserved and restored good health, which has proven to be beneficial for people with respiratory illnesses. 

Sea Sanctuary, located in the old Clifton Baths, Margate, is a respiratory healing centre, which aims to use seawater and local, abundant natural resources aiming to create a therapeutic environment with remedial effect, responding to the rise in respiratory-related illnesses. 
The centre will be partially open to the public as well as a residence for respiratory patients which will support and revitalise the natural landscape, local and wider community through the use of seawater and seawater-related therapies such as salt inhalation therapy and rock and salt sauna therapy, relieving visitors of the many benefits sea air and seawater possesses.

Margate’s prosperity and decline has been bound up with the ebbs and flows of domestic tourism. The long-abandoned and forgotten old Clifton Baths structure is also known as today’s unused lido complex. Sea Sanctuary will reuse the decayed site and breathe new life into the site bringing new values and meanings to the residents, community and environment.  

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